A quick google search will deliver a variety of strategies on how to maximize your online presence.  While optimized press releases, case studies, and white papers are great forms of online content,  video has long been regarded as of one of the hottest media formats on the web.  A study done by Forbes stated that 75% of senior executives surveyed said that they watched work-related videos at least weekly, and 52% watched work related videos on YouTube at least once a week.

Video Sharability

Video is an opportunity to promote branded content that is both entertaining and engaging.  With sharing widgets embedded, videos can be shared with multiple social networks in a few clicks.  The easier you can make it for your audience to share, the broader the reach your video will have.  Consider embedding YouTube videos on your website to improve ease of viewing and sharing for your audience.

According to YouTube’s social statistics:

  • 17 million = the number of people that people have connected their YouTube account to at least 1 social service.
  • 12 million = of those connected and auto-sharing with at least one network.
  • 150 years = number of years of YouTube videos that are watched each day on Facebook.
  • Over 50% = the number of videos that have been rated or include comments from the community.

Whether you’ve implemented a video campaign before or are simply testing the waters, video can have a large impact on engagement and separate your news from your competitors.


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