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Your social media marketing plan is ready to roll. Your followers and likes are increasing daily and the general view of your brand has exceeded all your expectations. But it’s time-consuming and taking your focus away from your business. EML’s ability to add team members as needed allows you to lighten your load and delegate tasks..
online video audiences are expected to double in 2016 and reach 1.5 billion people globally (Cisco). We are in an age where companies with direct links to consumers (Netflix) are producing online TV with ‘all-at-once’ release strategies, compete with ‘constrained publishing’ models (Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram), and where the ‘third screen’ has now become the mobile.
Today, viewing video content is a much more active experience. “Second screens” have become so commonplace that it’s striking to see that it barely existed a mere four years ago. This is creating more opportunities for digital marketers to reach fans online, right when they’re most engaged.

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      • One-stop-shop solution for all your marketing and in-house design needs
      • Availability of specialist skills from art-directors to copywriters
      • On-site support team available 24 x 7 if required
      • Broadcast, digital and media production available at markedly reduced cost
      • Free follow-up support because we care about your brand as much as you do.